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About GardenPaper

About Social Media Presence

Who are We

We are a professional organization "GardenPaper" for customized social media management solutions. We have the skill and art to transform the content for your social media management. We Build the social media platform so you can reach out to your customers and feel connected

Social Media Presence Playing Field

How is the Playing field

We have felt the impact of social media evolving and your audience is interacting so should be your presence.

Social Media — is amazing! But since you need to keep it short and sweet, here are a few suggestions … Social Media Marketing is bi-directional.

Social Media Experience

Social Media Experience

We design the social media experience for your engagement to your audience.

The social media content presence lasts a whole lot longer than any other media and strikes the fastest.

We mention that most impressive clients are Socially Media Savvy...Competitively your presence is beyond mandatory.

Services - What We Offer to your Social World

Activate Social Media Presence

Activate Social Business

It’s time to take control of your social business. We activate your Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare to connect to your audience through continuous engagement on social media platforms. Creating Presence in Social world

Social Media Powered

Social Media Powered

We create the exclusivity to feed your social connections. A social media is as a picture is worth 10,000 words, but only if it's the right one. We grow the social media marketing to make a brand statement of your business.

Social Media Business

Social Media Business

We position you to take control of your social business. Making brands appealing to audience through continuous engagement on social media platforms. Consulting on online campaigns for new product launches.

Managing Social Media Presence

Managing Social Media

We manage the Social Media Presence Interesting content for the social media platform - "Facebook - Posts", "Twitter - Tweets". Increase of social activity creating the presence.


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   Tel: +91 22 2570 4414
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   Email: info@gardenpaper.in